Nada’s Oscillating Bimbo Poetics makes me think of a scene in Richard Benjamin’s otherwise execrable Made in America in which career bimbo Jennifer Tilly, playing Ted Danson’s live-in girlfriend, vaults out of bed after a manic bout of lovemaking and does serial nude cartwheels across the room (maybe a body double?).  One of the great scenes in contemporary lousy cinema—utterly irrational and superfluous, lending a moment of absurd grace to an otherwise soul-killing experience.  (Another moment in the same vein occurs in Indecent Proposal when Woody Harrelson has a flashback involving a fierce-looking hippo at the zoo, opening its parasite-infested mouth in a gargantuan yawn, in close-up, inexplicably, abruptly, mercifully yanking the viewer for a fraction of a second out of the misery of the rest of the movie.)

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